Sunday, February 05, 2006

Anti-White Ethnics

As has been mentioned before, there has been over one hundred years of anti-white racist murders going on in Britain; the figures have skyrocketed much more in the last fifteen years alone. Police officers have been murdered; pensioners, children and hard working white people have not escaped the dark man’s murderous intent, trying to right wrongs of the slave trade and British Empire rule.
Slaves were first kept by blacks themselves, not whites.
And the British Empire was mainly peaceful once the resistance stopped, sure it was not pretty, but we were able to run entire countries without fuss and quite humanely and productively. When the British Empire gave up a country, it often descended into the third-world slums we see on the news each day.
The ethnics should have no right to bite the hand that feeds them, that is to say, they shouldn’t attack the country (or people of the country), that has housed them, protected them and has given them healthcare and education all of their lives. More and more of these ethnics are being born here and so know nothing of the hardship their elders had to ‘endure’, in their countries, but they are still being brought up to despise us.


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