Sunday, February 12, 2006


The increasingly antagonistic and belligerent attitude of ethnics in Britain today is a sure sign of their increasing confidence. Helped of course by the liberal government, who give them more and more rights; and the liberal media, who condone them and their acts. With the government, they are making it impossible to speak your mind and to speak the truth. You can’t speak against the ethnic-immigrant regime they have imposed on us. The very fact we are not allowed to speak a patriotic or ‘racist’ word, you have to whisper, look over your shoulder. The fact that our views are now an ‘underground resistance’ type view is totally wrong. And the media, as we, know, fail to report or sensationalize anti-white racist murders like the way they over-report and over-sensationalize perceived anti-ethnic murders.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


The amount of ethnics that commit crimes and crimes committed by ethnics is simply out of order. It’s as if they have a racial commitment to crime. Especially with violent and racist crimes. Take a look at Crimewatch UK and see the violent crimes that ethnics commit almost on a daily basis. ‘They’ also say that blacks have been ‘over-represented’ in prison, well let’s excuse them for being common criminals.
There is also an obsession to get more ethnics into the police force and trying to make them judges. Then we will have racial corruption and discrimination against us in the law. It’s already happening in society in general. What the hell is wrong in having a white law system? What is wrong with having a white Britain? The United Kingdom of Great Britain & N. Ireland is supposed to be a white country before immigration (a man-made occurrence, surely?) started to destroy a perfectly happy and proud country. And we don’t have long to turn it around.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Race Mixing

Race mixing is something we want to avoid at all costs. We are sickened by the amount of race mixing that goes on. There are cities in Britain where everywhere you look you either see ethnics or race mixers (some call them race traitors). It is destroying the white race!
To see this abhorrent crime against our culture actively being encouraged, welcomed and applauded and even being shown in soaps and the like, is absolute madness. You can see it in nightclubs, you can see it in music and you can see it in the youth of today with the growing ‘black culture’ that is dominating white youths and ethnic youths alike.
It is fair to say that ‘their tactics’ are to interbreed with us to break down our white blood and lineage. Many times you can see a white woman and a black man with a mulatto child for instance; in fact it is more likely to see just a white woman with a mulatto child, most likely dumped by the black. And in most cases the mulatto child favours the black side.
If you are white and want to keep your bloodlines pure, you must teach your children the value of staying within their race when it comes to relationships and children. Just think of when you see an elderly couple out with their mulatto grandchild and think of the conflicting emotions they must be going through: whether to hate the child for being part ethnic, to hate the ethnic parent for making the child, or their own flesh and blood who has just destroyed generations of white British lineage.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lack Of British Patriotism

The lack of patriotism in Britain nowadays is a total disgrace. Take a look at America, with their stars and stripes emblazoned everywhere; the intense national pride and the media acceptance and encouragement there. Then take a look at our anti-British, anti-white, pro-ethnic establishment and culture that has sprung up and flourished under the reds rule. It is a quality of America that I envy, their intense patriotism, and I dearly wish we could be as patriotic as they can be and how we used to be! In some ways it is a sore point that they got independence from Britain as we are now considered to be America’s lackeys. They have taken our place as leaders in the world, ever since the Second World War we have given up the power that we were in the world. You could say that we didn’t actually win the war; we’ve been dying a little bit every day. We were crippled; we built Germany back up before we tended to ourselves. America was quite content to see their mother country take volley after volley of assaults, only stepping in to save us after Pearl Harbour was hit. Then the immigrants came, and so here they all are today. So sad.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

White Britain’s Friends

As far as I’m concerned the few friends that white Britain has in the white world are, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the odd American that actually has respect for our country. The white British descended people in places like Africa (who are being hunted and killed out there) are welcome to return at any time. Even the British descended people of the countries I just mentioned; though I doubt they’d enjoy it here with the loony lefties in power. We need consolidation. As much as the fellas down under take the mick, when it comes to sports events in particular, they have (for the most part) a fundamental respect and fellowship with us; we have people across the pond who are interested in British interests and are concerned about their mother country and it is great to have a mutual feeling on both sides of the world.
You can also say the same for intra-British relations too. England, Scotland and Wales have been through a lot together, blood has been spilled, and there are still hardliners out there sadly, but the fact is: we have fought wars together and we can fight multi-culturalism together, we just need to all get behind an anti-immigration and pro-white political party.
And if you’re a similarly thinking person from the European mainland and you have common objectives with us, then you are welcome to start the ball rolling in your own country to help ‘Build a dam to stop the ethnic tides’. There are countries in Europe that have been swamped by ethnics similar to Britain and frankly I don’t know how bad it is, but if one country can make a stand against immigration it can start a trend. One day it may become the norm to refuse immigration and the country that did it first will be considered revolutionaries and it may well be a European country that does it. Political parties like the Front National could be the ones to land the first blow for white pride and preservation.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ethnic Breeding

It’s a simple fact that ethnics breed like there’s no tomorrow. Whites do not; it’s as simple as that. The white birth rate has fallen, while the ethnic birth rate continues to rise and rise. Doesn’t that seem wrong?
Whites have been forecast to be minorities in their own land, Great Britain, within the next one hundred years; London seems to be already swamped in some places. Never has a race willingly given up their country, but it looks as if we will be the first.
With the amount of ethnics in Britain: first, second, third and fourth generation immigrants that have been here for the last sixty years, and the immigrants swamping our ports and the asylum seekers. What is the difference? Answer: almost nothing, one set arrived fresh off the boat sixty years ago, the other arrived yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.
As long as the liberal commie political parties have their vice like grip on the house of commons, we will never be rid of them unless the British National Party or the National Front get into power.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Ethnics In Education And Voting

If you’re walking past a primary school, it’s ‘spot the white kid’. If you’re walking past a secondary school, it’s ‘spot the white kid’. If you’re walking past a college, it’s ‘spot the white kid’. If you’re walking past a university, it’s ‘spot the white kid’. This is a fact if you’re in a city in Britain. This is the next generation and it will all be about ‘spot the white kid’. This is a major concern if you share our beliefs, and even the ones with 'middle of the road' beliefs that are out there should be at least a little concerned.
This generation, growing up as they are, will be voting in the next five to ten years. Who will they vote for? Simple. The ethnics will vote for the people who have either let them in the country, or whoever has let their fellow race members in. The whites will probably not care about voting, as it is ‘pointless’, or they feel they have no choice with what is (in essence) three liberal-commie political parties.
The trouble is, the British National Party or the National Front cannot stand in every area, as it is a very expensive job and they need donations, just as the mainstream parties’ do, to operate.
You can see in colleges the strangeness of it all, you have Turkish students being cliquish and disruptive; you have muslim girls essentially taking up space in colleges as their faith condemns them to staying at home and being a baby machine; so why do muslim girls bother? You look around the university or college ‘ambience’ and notice that essentially every race group sticks to their own; you may get smaller white and multi-ethnic groups of students, or the occasional solitary white student trying to fit in with an overwhelmingly ethnic situation, feeling alone in an un-accepting place. That situation could be describing a white British student who emigrated to a non-white country. It sounds strange to actually have this situation of a white student, or a white person in an ethnic area, feeling like a minority in their own country. It is very unacceptable and it is an early warning of what could be commonplace in Britain before the end of the twenty-first century.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Anti-White Ethnics

As has been mentioned before, there has been over one hundred years of anti-white racist murders going on in Britain; the figures have skyrocketed much more in the last fifteen years alone. Police officers have been murdered; pensioners, children and hard working white people have not escaped the dark man’s murderous intent, trying to right wrongs of the slave trade and British Empire rule.
Slaves were first kept by blacks themselves, not whites.
And the British Empire was mainly peaceful once the resistance stopped, sure it was not pretty, but we were able to run entire countries without fuss and quite humanely and productively. When the British Empire gave up a country, it often descended into the third-world slums we see on the news each day.
The ethnics should have no right to bite the hand that feeds them, that is to say, they shouldn’t attack the country (or people of the country), that has housed them, protected them and has given them healthcare and education all of their lives. More and more of these ethnics are being born here and so know nothing of the hardship their elders had to ‘endure’, in their countries, but they are still being brought up to despise us.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Media & The Racist Murders of Whites

This liberal media in Britain is one of the main culprits for making the multi-cultural tidal wave that is sweeping Britain sound like nothing to worry about and/or it is ‘no big thing’. Wrong. It is a menace. Whenever the British National Party or the National Front are mentioned in the media, they are always being demonized and being run down.

The media coverage of anti-white racist murders is absolutely disgraceful. Here's some murder stories for you:

Kriss Donald, 15 years old, of Glasgow. He was attacked by Muslim racists, abducted from Kenmure Street in Pollokshields, driven to Motherwell, Dundee and back to Parkhead and was then beaten, mutilated, stabbed and burned alive on 16 March 2004. The killers fled back to where they should be, Pakistan. Luckily, they were extradited back to Britain where they were sentenced to over twenty years each. This was the worst ever racist murder in Britain.

Gavin Hopley. 19 years old. He had been for a night out in Oldham town centre. When he wanted to return home he couldn't get a taxi so walked in the hope of flagging one down. Unknown to him he strayed into the Asian area of Glodwick which is a no-go area for whites. For that mistake he was beaten to an eventual death by a gang of 12 Asians in February 2002. No one has ever been convicted of Gavin's murder.

Ross Parker, 17 , of Peterborough was sprayed in the face, punched in the stomach, attacked with a hammer and was stabbed several times in the neck and torso with a foot-long hunting knife by four Asians as he walked back from work with his girlfriend in September 2001. One of the Asians was seen waving a knife and shouting words to the effect of 'cherish the blood'. They were sentenced to a minimum of only 16 to 18 years. And even though this was acknowledged as a racist murder, it certainly wasn't as publicised as the murders of Lawrence or Walker.

Christopher Yates, 30, from Barking was killed by three Asians, he was set upon outside of the Barking campus of the University of East London and kicked to death. His attackers then yelled in Urdu 'We have killed the white man. That will teach an Englishman to interfere in Paki business.'. They were all sentenced November 2005 and given life sentences with a minimum of 15 years. Although, disgustingly, the judge declared that the motivation was not racial when it clearly was. If a white killed an Asian it would be regarded as racial even if it wasn't.

Richard Whelan, 28, of Kentish Town was stabbed to death on a bus in Holloway by a black in July 2005. Richard was 'guilty' of intervening when the black began insulting passengers and throwing food, eventually driving all but Richard and his girlfriend off the top deck. When the black began insulting Richard's girlfriend, he defended her and was stabbed up to six times. The police described the attack as unprovoked and the word 'racial' was not mentioned. The murder of the black Walker occurred a few days before and received much greater coverage. The communistic and pro-ethnic BBC said that Walker's killing was racially-motivated and thus a national story whilst Richard's was not and thus remained a local story. What scum! The black was caught, but any word or news of the trial and sentence had been blanked out by the media.

Tom ap Rhys Pryce was a 31 year old lawyer robbed and murdered by two blacks as he made his way home in Kensal Green on the evening of 12 January 2006. They had followed him from Kensal Green tube station and stabbed him repeatedly for his mobile phone, oyster card and £20. The blacks campaign of robbery and gratuitous violence lasted eight months. Almost half the attacks took place on the London Underground and nine attacks were carried out in one evening. They were described as rampaging through Tube trains like a 'pack of animals', issuing death threats and stabbing some victims as they stole MP3 players, mobile phones, watches and cash. One woman was held at gun-point and threatened with rape when she refused to hand over her valuables. The blacks expressed no remorse for Tom's murder are now serving 'life' sentences. Pure scum!

Sean Whyte, 17, of Colne was celebrating a family birthday at his home in September 2003 when an incident perpetrated by a group of Asian youths, developed outside the house. Several members of the Whyte family went outside to investigate and in the incident Sean was stabbed and died on his way to hospital in Burnley. News of the murder never made it to the pages of the national newspapers or prime time viewing on BBC and ITN. As far as the country’s media editors were concerned it was treated as a local incident. It was a horrific racist murder which never received even a fraction of the media coverage.

Lee Martin, 22, of Manchester was a squaddie just back from the war in Iraq. In April 2004 he was beaten to death by anti-white racist Asian thugs in Manchester, his murder has been covered up. Only the Manchester Evening news mentioned Lee in two tiny articles on the news round-up on page 3. The first, on April 7th, was headed 'Fighting for life'. It reported that Lee was critically ill after having been 'savagely attacked' and 'kicked several times in the head.' His attackers were described as 'Asian and in their twenties.' A week later, in an even smaller report, the paper reported that Lee had died, following the attack outside the Kansas Fried Chicken takeaway in Wilbraham Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy. No mention was made of the ethnicity of his murderers.

Ashley Hedger, 16, of Plaistow was attack by an Asian in January 2004 who had believed that Ashley had robbed his brother. The Asian used a ceremonial dagger to stab Ashley in the heart, back, neck and temple. And the dagger was left embedded in his head! Ashley had refused to get involved in a plan by his friends to rob some youths. The Asian murderer had ran into an Islamic centre, bringing out a group of men for reinforcements. Nearly two years later the Asian got a 'life' sentence.

Paul Kelly, 32, was out celebrating on new year's eve 2006 with friends at the Longacre Tavern pub in Bath. Around midnight, a verbal altercation took place inside the premises, which later spilled outside. During the dispute, a black who had nothing to do with the group arguing in the pub got involved. The black stabbed Paul several times, killing him. Paul was originally from Glasgow, but had lived in Bath for the past six to seven years. He had recently successfully battled drug addiction and was trying to turn his life around. Sadly, he wasn't able to continue his progress.

7/7 killed 52 commuters and injured 700 in central London. This was an attack not only on that total fool we have as a Prime Minister who got us involved in a war we have no business being a part of, but also on the people of Britain itself. Bear in mind the suicide bombers were born in Britain and obviously had no loyalty to this country. The ethnic cancer is a menace.

Check out 'The Fallen' list on the National Front's website. These aren't just stories, they are fact. And I could go on. The families of victims like these will always have to live with the murder of their loved one. There are many racist murders of whites in Britain - Since 1905- and the media does nothing compared to their mass-coverage of murders of people like Lawrence, Walker or whoever else the media scream out to you.

Friday, February 03, 2006


What is British Nationalism? Most people would have you believe that it is 'wrong', 'racist', 'sick', 'neo-nazi' and a whole lot of other negative things, usually resulting in childish profanity. And normally this comes from either an ethnic or a commie.
For any decent British National Party or National Front member or supporter, it means a whole lot more than some jibberings that are being forced down the nation's throats by the 'politically correct' society in general, or the media or the television.
It means, keeping this country WHITE and BRITISH.
It means keeping our bloodlines pure.