Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ethnic Breeding

It’s a simple fact that ethnics breed like there’s no tomorrow. Whites do not; it’s as simple as that. The white birth rate has fallen, while the ethnic birth rate continues to rise and rise. Doesn’t that seem wrong?
Whites have been forecast to be minorities in their own land, Great Britain, within the next one hundred years; London seems to be already swamped in some places. Never has a race willingly given up their country, but it looks as if we will be the first.
With the amount of ethnics in Britain: first, second, third and fourth generation immigrants that have been here for the last sixty years, and the immigrants swamping our ports and the asylum seekers. What is the difference? Answer: almost nothing, one set arrived fresh off the boat sixty years ago, the other arrived yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.
As long as the liberal commie political parties have their vice like grip on the house of commons, we will never be rid of them unless the British National Party or the National Front get into power.


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