Wednesday, February 08, 2006

White Britain’s Friends

As far as I’m concerned the few friends that white Britain has in the white world are, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the odd American that actually has respect for our country. The white British descended people in places like Africa (who are being hunted and killed out there) are welcome to return at any time. Even the British descended people of the countries I just mentioned; though I doubt they’d enjoy it here with the loony lefties in power. We need consolidation. As much as the fellas down under take the mick, when it comes to sports events in particular, they have (for the most part) a fundamental respect and fellowship with us; we have people across the pond who are interested in British interests and are concerned about their mother country and it is great to have a mutual feeling on both sides of the world.
You can also say the same for intra-British relations too. England, Scotland and Wales have been through a lot together, blood has been spilled, and there are still hardliners out there sadly, but the fact is: we have fought wars together and we can fight multi-culturalism together, we just need to all get behind an anti-immigration and pro-white political party.
And if you’re a similarly thinking person from the European mainland and you have common objectives with us, then you are welcome to start the ball rolling in your own country to help ‘Build a dam to stop the ethnic tides’. There are countries in Europe that have been swamped by ethnics similar to Britain and frankly I don’t know how bad it is, but if one country can make a stand against immigration it can start a trend. One day it may become the norm to refuse immigration and the country that did it first will be considered revolutionaries and it may well be a European country that does it. Political parties like the Front National could be the ones to land the first blow for white pride and preservation.


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