Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lack Of British Patriotism

The lack of patriotism in Britain nowadays is a total disgrace. Take a look at America, with their stars and stripes emblazoned everywhere; the intense national pride and the media acceptance and encouragement there. Then take a look at our anti-British, anti-white, pro-ethnic establishment and culture that has sprung up and flourished under the reds rule. It is a quality of America that I envy, their intense patriotism, and I dearly wish we could be as patriotic as they can be and how we used to be! In some ways it is a sore point that they got independence from Britain as we are now considered to be America’s lackeys. They have taken our place as leaders in the world, ever since the Second World War we have given up the power that we were in the world. You could say that we didn’t actually win the war; we’ve been dying a little bit every day. We were crippled; we built Germany back up before we tended to ourselves. America was quite content to see their mother country take volley after volley of assaults, only stepping in to save us after Pearl Harbour was hit. Then the immigrants came, and so here they all are today. So sad.


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