Friday, February 10, 2006

Race Mixing

Race mixing is something we want to avoid at all costs. We are sickened by the amount of race mixing that goes on. There are cities in Britain where everywhere you look you either see ethnics or race mixers (some call them race traitors). It is destroying the white race!
To see this abhorrent crime against our culture actively being encouraged, welcomed and applauded and even being shown in soaps and the like, is absolute madness. You can see it in nightclubs, you can see it in music and you can see it in the youth of today with the growing ‘black culture’ that is dominating white youths and ethnic youths alike.
It is fair to say that ‘their tactics’ are to interbreed with us to break down our white blood and lineage. Many times you can see a white woman and a black man with a mulatto child for instance; in fact it is more likely to see just a white woman with a mulatto child, most likely dumped by the black. And in most cases the mulatto child favours the black side.
If you are white and want to keep your bloodlines pure, you must teach your children the value of staying within their race when it comes to relationships and children. Just think of when you see an elderly couple out with their mulatto grandchild and think of the conflicting emotions they must be going through: whether to hate the child for being part ethnic, to hate the ethnic parent for making the child, or their own flesh and blood who has just destroyed generations of white British lineage.


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