Saturday, February 11, 2006


The amount of ethnics that commit crimes and crimes committed by ethnics is simply out of order. It’s as if they have a racial commitment to crime. Especially with violent and racist crimes. Take a look at Crimewatch UK and see the violent crimes that ethnics commit almost on a daily basis. ‘They’ also say that blacks have been ‘over-represented’ in prison, well let’s excuse them for being common criminals.
There is also an obsession to get more ethnics into the police force and trying to make them judges. Then we will have racial corruption and discrimination against us in the law. It’s already happening in society in general. What the hell is wrong in having a white law system? What is wrong with having a white Britain? The United Kingdom of Great Britain & N. Ireland is supposed to be a white country before immigration (a man-made occurrence, surely?) started to destroy a perfectly happy and proud country. And we don’t have long to turn it around.


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